Despite the star power of our band members’ resumés, One Love’s main lineup has remained stable year after year, and band members make a point of maintaining their positions. When, as occasionally happens, a player must take leave for a tour, s/he is seamlessly covered by a One Love colleague. One former long-term member is currently (as of this writing) touring with Sting, another with Bruce Springsteen. That’s show biz...

One Love’s secret weapon is our vast and very diverse repertoire. People ask me what style I “really” play; what do I like best? Truth: while we each may be “more” funk, or rock, or jazz (etc.) fans in our private moments, as a band we really love playing every genre-- as long as our audience is having fun, so are we. We customize every event to our clients’ tastes, requests and desires. I’ve honed an ability to read a crowd and call the right song at the perfect time that’s pretty well-known by now: this keeps every dance floor full and the crowd going nuts until the very last song (and, not unusually, the encore song after that). Everybody -- our audience and us -- goes home wrung out and happy.

Every single event is important to us, and when we play for you, you are our top priority. When you want to connect, you have our full attention. If you’re thinking about booking us, we’ll make time for a preliminary meeting or phone call right away, so we can start to get to know you and learn about the kind of event you are planning. Once you engage One Love you have full access to both me and managing director/bandmember Melissa Rodnon, and we welcome you to email, call or text us at any time, with any kind of question.

We come to every party as if it were the most important event we’ve ever done-- because right then, it is. Whether a wedding or any other kind of celebration, we know that your party is the most important night of the year for you, and we will give it the respect and attention it deserves.