Classical and chamber ensembles
Traditional string trios or quartets lend elegance to ceremonies and cocktail parties. Our top-level players have an enormous classical repertoire and can also play classical-esque arrangements of your favorite songs.

One Love partners with a roof-raising gospel choir that can be an unforgettable addition to any ceremony or party. Their repertoire includes traditional gospel as well as their own arrangements of R&B classics and any Top 40 that may be called for. Typical choir size is 8-12 singers, but can it be as big as fifty.

Big Band
The timeless sound of a Big Band orchestra is a perennial favorite, especially for retro/classy New York-themed parties. Orchestras can be as big as space allows.

Whether your family’s roots are in the Scottish Highlands or you just like the sound, we have an authentic Pipe Major in a complete traditional uniform to welcome your guests for the Gathering before your ceremony, lead them to your cocktail hour afterwards, or perform at any part of your event.

Hora / Freilach / Jewish
One Love has done hundreds of Jewish weddings, from assimilated Reform to the strictest Orthodox celebrations minus female singers. Our horn section is led by our sax player who also plays authentic Klezmer on clarinet, and our hora sets can go as long as your families and friends can keep dancing.

Brazilian samba
Eric and Melissa’s long involvement with the music of Brazil has connected One Love with the best Brazilian musicians in New York, including Samba drum corps, Samba dancers, Maracatu drum corps, Brazilian jazz ensembles, Brazilian vocalists and more.

Traditional Greek music
One of our lead female vocalists is Greek-American, and though raised in Queens, NY, has lived in Greece where she had a successful career as a Greek pop star. She’s devoted to the authenticity of her culture’s music, and if you would like the Kalamatianos, Zebekiko, Sorti or Tsifteteli danced at your wedding, One Love can do it!

Italian, French, Spanish & more
Our love of world music and our fluency with Romance languages has delighted families with Italian, French or Spanish / Latin roots. Eric speaks and sings in fluent Italian, French and Portuguese, Melissa in French and Portuguese, and everyone can sing in Spanish. Eric has even sung in Japanese, which he learned syllable-by-syllable for a Japanese-American bride!